Youth Climate Dialogue 2019
Yaba College and St.Gallen


Intro Youth Climate Dialogue Nigeria and Switzerland 2019

We are looking forward to exchanging our impressions.

Links to all group projects and websites

Group 1: Noemi, Leonie, Mia, Almedina

eMobility and our way to use public transport

Group 2: Xhenis, Pascal, Andri, Levin

Our world @ year 2100

Group 3: Annika, Daniel, Nefeli

fishes in our lakes

Group 4: Marc, Frederik, Darig

Climate Change in Switzerland

Group 5: Sharuja, NoƩ, Sawanja

Mitigation Climate Change in our school

Group 6: Nina, Anna, Esma

Food Waste in Switzerland and the solution

Group 7: Gian, Jona, Timo